Thank you! Gracias de corazón 2016!!


We would like to thank everybody who has support us (Unplugged or Electric) during the year, it really means a lot for us, 2016 it’s been a great fucking year and it’s more to come! Thank you for booking us, thank you for coming to our shows and parties in all the cities and countries!! We are honored!! We love you Familia!!! Lots of Love for Benoit Boulian, Didier Bender, Tenacity Music (Randy, Olivier), Vincent Devaux, Thomas Betrisay, Alvaro Bros, Balentin B, Simon Rey…..!!

Nos gustaría agradecer de corazón a toda la gente que nos apoya y que ha venido a vernos en concierto en tantas ciudades y países! De verdad estamos muy agradecidos! El año 2016 ha sido genial y el próximo va a ser brutal! Gracias por estar ahí significa mucho para nosotros!! Os queremos Familia!
Pics by Simon Ashes Cult and Val!

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