Some new album reviews (Worldwide) from “Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo “

Pic by Simon Rey.


– Dear friends,
if some of you are interested to know what the medias has to say about our new album “Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo” here you can read some reviews we have found, let us know what do you think and if you have other reviews don’t hesitate to tell us we will put them in here !!
Thx familia, stay locos!!
– Hola amigos,
Aqui teneis algunas criticas y refrencias de nuestro nuevo disco, ya nos direis que os parece ! Vuestra opinión es importante para nosotros y si teneis alguna critica personal o periodistica la pondremos también por aqui!
un fuerte abrazo famila, no cambieis lo bueno cabrones!

French Metal:

Soil Chronicles:

Sea Of Tranquility:

Metal Integral:

Made in Metal:

New Noise Magazine:

Music Scan:

La Estadea:

Power Metal:,28611.html


El Rock Al Poder:

20 Minutes:–presque-l-egal-de-Motoerhead-11733596


Rock In Spain:

Metal Imperium:



For Interviews please check out this link bellow:


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