Check out the new video! 'making Of Olas y Rocas', 11min video!!

Video Edited by Julien Wey (Kumquat Audiovisuel, Geneva). Most of it shoot by Ricardo, Bastien and Jul. Enjoy the recording session and all the stories behind! It’s been a great adventure!! Enjoy amigos!!

The acoustic project : After 15 years of career in the extreme Rock scene, the acoustic adventure was something surprisingly natural for Geneva’s based Cardiac. The band needed to take some risks & propose something new & different. When they started playing that new set live, the chemistry was there & it definitely confirmed the band’s choice. Recordings went spontaneously & to reinforce the meaning of this album, Cardiac needed to surround themselves a number of guest including some of the finest musicians around Geneva. The result is an acoustic rock act, influenced by blues, post rock, folk, reggae or even the unplugged scene of seattle. For Cardiac, looking to express things in a different manner is crucial to feel creative.

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